Android Reverse Tethering Tool Latest 3.19 Free Download For PC

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If you have problems with an internet connection from your carrier or you want to use the internet connection from a computer on your Android phone. You must install the Android Reverse Tethering Tool and connect the phone to the PC through a cable.

The fact that you have just your smartphone is good enough to make sure that you can still access the internet using the test rig hotspot facility. The Reverse Tethering Tool allows you to open a hotspot that you can even share with other computers. The advantage of this facility is that you can encrypt it to have a password to avoid any internet access. It does not compromise the functioning of the phone.

What is Android Reverse Tethering Tool?

Android Reverse Tethering is an application that allows sharing your computer’s Internet connection with an Android device via just a USB cable. It allows to easily share your Internet connection when you cannot connect to the Internet using your smartphone or tablet. The application requires a root.

How To Connect PC Internet To Android Mobile Using Android Reverse Tethering?

Here are we sharing some easy and simple steps to download and install the latest reverse tethering tool. Just follow the instructions and use a PC internet connection with the Android phone.

  • First of all, click the given link and download Android reverse tethering tools and save the file to your computer. 
  • After download file is complete simply Run Android tool exe. 
  • Follow the instructions OF file setup. 
  • First Refresh and select the devices. 
  • Click the show interface button. this will install the app and other needed binaries to your phone. 
  • Now connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. 
  • Congratulations! You have successfully reverse tethered your Android phone to your PC. Enjoy. 

How to use Android Reverse Tethering Tool?

The Android tool is extremely easy to use. Once you have connected the smartphone and launched Android Reverse Tethering you have to pick up your device from the list, along with DNS servers that your Internet connection uses. Once you have chosen the connection and the device you can start tethering your Internet connection. To do this click on the “Connect” button. The program will start installing all the most important materials on your Android device and after a while, it will start tethering its connection.

Download Android Reverse Tethering Tool:

This Android tool is the latest and supported all windows operating systems. Just click the given link and download the Android reverse tethering tool free of cost. 

Download Android Reverse Tethering Tool

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