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IObit Unlocker is the latest tool to unlocks files and folders that Windows won’t let you delete because they’re locked or open in another program. In some ways, it can be thought of as another method to force quit a specific program. However, the main point is that files will be deleted as opposed to simply stopped from running.

IObit Unlocker tool offers several user-friendly functions based upon specific needs. This latest unlocker tool easily unlocking, deleting, moving, removing and renaming files. The most important features are that this tool offers higher degrees of hard disk stability.

It can also be employed when a certain program may be taking up a great deal of available memory and it cannot be quit by utilizing normal methods. Installation of this software will normally take a matter of minutes and a wizard guides the user through the entire process.

IObit Unlocker is equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, so the user will not need to have any previous technical experience. Specific folders can simply be highlighted before the most appropriate actions are taken. This tool will not require much memory and it can be a welcome addition to operating systems with a limited amount of available RAM.

Features of IObit Unlocker:

  • Unlocks undeletable files. 
  • Removed unwanted/malicious files. 
  • Deletes files that say you can’t delete. 
  • Delete duplicate junk files.
  • Data safety and disk stability.
  • Good work for unlocking. 
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Extremely useful tool.
  • Much more.

IObit Unlocker provides you a safe way to modify the files and folders on your PC to ensure your data safety and disk stability. This Unlocker tool is light-weighted and easy-to-use, which helps you delete, rename, move and copy the files or folders by dragging and dropping into it or just click the add button to select your objective files/folders.

With IObit Unlocker users will have an intuitive interface that can also manage different directories. The program is compatible with Windows Explorer as it integrates itself with the utility’s configuration. So download the tool at the given link for free of cost.  


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