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Poe Injector latest version connects your Poe-enabled network device to a non-Poe LAN switch port. More ever, a Poe injector can be used to connect a wireless access point, IP phone, network camera, or any IEEE 802.3af/at-powered device (PD) to a network switch.

The use of Poe injector avoids the need to run AC power lines for your wireless access point, network camera, or IP phone because you use the existing LAN cabling to deliver both DC power as well as data.

What is Poe Injector:

Poe injector is known as a midspan or Poe adapter, can be implemented to make a non-Poe compatible switch work with Poe devices by powering compliant devices over a single Ethernet cable, which is perfect for low-power devices that need to be set up in locations where a power outlet is unavailable. It thus enables more flexibility by offering access to install devices in hard-to-reach areas, with a minimal impact on existing structures and budgets.

Features of Poe Injector:

  • Simply connect the Poe injector to the Poe endpoint and to an ethernet switch to provide data and power.
  • Capability to non-Poe ethernet switches.
  • Extends the network connection distance and provides combined power and data over ethernet cable to end devices for a better connection.
  • Flexible to network expansion.
  • Minimal investment budget.
  • Utilizing the existing ethernet equipment and cabling infrastructure.
  • Relevant costs will be minimized in a PoE injector solution.

How Does Poe Injector Work?

When ethernet switches or other devices have no PoE function but need to support PDs (Powered Devices) like PoE IP cameras, PoE wireless access points (WAP), PoE lighting. A PoE injector can help transfer both power and data to these PDs up to 100 meters. Usually, a PoE injector converts the alternating current into the direct current so it can be the power supplier for low voltage Poe devices.

How to Use a Poe Injector?

Poe injector excels in sending data while providing Poe to standard-based PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ compliant devices. In a practical application scenario, a PoE injector functions as an intermediary to connect non-PoE switch and PoE compliant devices. The devices like IP cameras or WAPs will be powered by the PoE injector.

Is using a Poe Injector safe?

Poe injectors are very safe. They will not damage any equipment, even if the equipment is not designed for Poe applications. Before the Poe injector sends any power to the connected powered device (PD), such as the VoIP phone, the injector initiates a handshake procedure.


Finally, Poe Injector installations that utilize managed PoE switches allow you to remotely restart connected PoE devices, either manually or based on a schedule. Modern PoE switches are equipped with watch functionality (i.e. Powered Device Manager (PDM)) which can help to greatly reduce the downtime of your connected devices. More ever you need more information, then visit our site

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